Marketing Automation Tools: 5 Trends Your Business to Watch

Marketing Automation Tools

Digital Marketing has been changing year after year, always following people’s behavior and new technologies. The marketing automation tools are the main focus for marketers, as they promise to optimize the time (who is with time left?) And the costs as well.

If you are an entrepreneur or marketer and want to invest in nova Islamabad, it is very important to follow the new trends within the marketing automation tools, validate if your audience is engaged with them, and try to apply in your business to always be ahead of your competition.

Below, we separate a guide with the main trends for the marketing automation tools, which are being promised for the near future, and understand how they can be used in your company.

Marketing Automation Tools: 5 Trends You Should Watch

1) Use of Chatbot

A chatbot is nothing more than a robot that automatically interacts with customers.

It is a tool that has proven to be very useful in automating customer service.

It can be used to assist tasks such as:

  • customer registration support,
  • answer basic questions from users, leads, and customers,
  • initial service directing the customer to the site later.

Using Chatbot on your website or blog can help you get more engagement from your visitors.

Despite having 24-hour availability and being able to serve the customer in some processes, it is not recommended to completely replace the personal service.

It is worth noting that the chatbot can help reduce customer requests in your helpdesk or online chat, but some people can even get annoyed when trying to talk to a person and only get automatic responses from a robot.

Be careful when configuring your chatbot not to deceive your customers. Always have an option that redirects the conversation to a real attendant.

Facebook itself created a chatbot tool through which it is possible to develop an interaction with visitors to your page when they send a message in your chat.

In order to streamline and work on improving processes, you can use the chatbot, for example, to:

  • send the link and sell a specific product,
  • inform phone numbers and addresses,
  • ask for the contact email and thus capture leads, and so on.

There are some companies on the market with the Chatbot service, including:

  • Many Chat,
  • chatfuel,
  • Botsfy,
  • the Brazilian Zenvia.

2) Data Automation

With the busy day-to-day of a marketer, we always have that weekly or monthly meeting that needs a report full of numbers and graphs, right?

Using software that automatically shows all the digital marketing metrics your company needs can be very useful on a daily basis.

Data automation within the marketing automation tool allows for the integration of other applications and services your company uses.

This will help your team to come up with ideas and make decisions faster, and of course not waste their precious time reporting and repetitive tasks.

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Nowadays there are many companies that integrate this automation for your company.

In Brazil, for example, we have Pluga, an integration software between the main payment methods and applications that professionals use the most (Google Drive, Slack, Trello and more).

Another option is to look for, for example, strategic planning software such as Sitewide. They will be able to integrate the various areas of your company and provide real-time business data.

3) Videos and Streaming

One of the biggest trends in digital marketing today, and one that is only growing, is using videos to engage your leads, visitors and buyers.

With very busy lives, people find it easier and more time to absorb video content.

And how is this linked to marketing automation tools?

You can use a marketing automation tool like Lahar to support this strategy by sending information about your company’s video updates to your customers.

It’s a way to complement other marketing strategies. For example, a customer can contact you by message and be answered by a chatbot that will send an explanatory video, simple right?

Another trend in conjunction with this strategy is to make live-stream videos, that is, live.

You have to be extra careful when making these videos, always thinking that the user on the other end might be interested in having a closer interaction with your company or you.

For this, use this space to pass relevant information and interact with your audience, after all, the user took some time out of his day to watch you.

4) Behavior analysis

A good way to use automation tools in marketing to your advantage, whether for those who sell services on the internet or for those who work with e-commerce, is to analyze how the consumer behavior is on your website.

Using marketing tools that automate the capture of this data will provide you with valuable information about how the user behaves on the main pages of your website in real-time.

This data serves as a source to analyze and identify points of improvement in usability and experience, consequently increasing the CRO rate (conversion rate ).

This will only make your company more “saleable”, making people who come to your page find all the information they need to make the purchase.

You can do this data capture using different automation, there are solutions that present the heat map of your website, that is, it will show where users are browsing, clicking, how far they are scrolling the page, etc.

Source: SemRush

And there are also solutions that you can record users browsing your site, can you imagine being able to see exactly the path that your consumer takes on the site?

The biggest marketing tool on the market that automates this data capture is Hotjar, but you can also capture some data with other tools like Inspectlet.

Good old Google Analytics also gives valuable insights into user behavior and is a free marketing automation tool that aids in data collection.

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5) Artificial Intelligence for email marketing and campaigns

With the data wave growing, we see Artificial Intelligence strategies growing along with it.

It can be a great ally in process automation and provide the best insights for an ad or email marketing campaign when we talk about the reality of marketers.

How to use Artificial Intelligence in email marketing and as a marketing automation tool?

Based on your data, and Artificial Intelligence system can analyze and pass on the most relevant information, such as which email titles are most similar to the most open (most successful) email titles from your automation tool Of marketing.

Or, you can analyze the email structure that had the most clicks and already replicate this same structure in the same campaign.

Which marketing automation tool trend should your company adhere to?

Having a partner company is essential to ensure that you are making the best use of the future of Digital Marketing automation tools.

It’s important to understand if these trends are good for your audience and if they make you interact even better with your personas, leads, site users, and customers.

Here at LAHAR, you can keep up with the latest in digital marketing automation tools for your business:

  • generate and engage your leads more,
  • use analytics to take action,
  • take advantage of support focused on your company’s growth.

Learn more about our solutions, watching the case of one of our more than 1,000 customers: M3Corp.

Also, check out some of the features you can enjoy with our marketing automation tool:

  • Landing page creation without IT staff
  • Custom and scalable email flow automation
  • Scheduling of marketing emails through the platform
  • Monitoring and scheduling publications on social media
  • Management of your base contacts (Lead Scoring and Lead Tracking)
  • Reports from different channels gathered in a dashboard

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