How to manage email marketing: 9 steps and best practices

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Email marketing is one of the strategies that offer the greatest ROI for companies that invest in digital marketing. For every $1 invested, $38 returns to the business. Therefore, an efficient email marketing manager should be a concern of your team.

To manage email marketing, some steps are essential, including:

  1. Create targeted email lists
  2. Have a clear goal for each email
  3. Offer a good lead experience
  4. Pay attention to each element of the email such as CTA, subject and images;
  5. Do A/B tests
  6. Create an email flow with automation
  7. Qualify your leads
  8. Track metrics
  9. Choose the tool that will help you do all this

Next, we created a guide to introduce you, in detail, to each of these steps of email marketing management. Following each one, you will have more effective results not only in ROI but also in relation to:

  • opening rate;
  • click-through rate;
  • conversion rate and more.

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Email marketing management in 9 steps

1. Create targeted email lists

The first commandment of creating email marketing campaigns is: you will not send mass emails. 

There are many reasons for this, but the first one is: they are not interesting. Nobody wants to read a mass email.

One of the consequences of this is that you will have low open rates and all your work will have been thrown away. 

The segmentation of contacts is a mantra that you should consider in all digital marketing campaigns, especially e-mail campaigns.

To perform this segmentation, it is necessary to consider:

  • the type of email that will be sent;
  • the business personas ;
  • the sales funnel steps.

One of the sources of information to start targeting is the landing page that captured the lead.

Include information in the form that may be relevant to carrying out your targeted email marketing campaign.

You may have been a little confused about some of the terms we’ve used so far. If this really was the case, we recommend that you access the material for free: “ Checklist: how to create your ZERO email marketing campaign without forgetting any details”. It will help you take important steps towards relevant results.

2. Have a clear goal for each email

The act of managing aims to help or guide towards achieving goals.

So don’t send an email just for sending. There are different types of email marketing and different reasons for sending them.

Your email can be part of a launch campaign, a nutrition stream, have the goal of selling, educating or engaging. 

Regardless of the reason for sending a message to a lead, a fundamental part of email marketing management is to define a clear objective for each trigger. 

This objective will also help to measure whether the campaign result was achieved or not.

Remember that each marketing action must be aligned with the strategic planning objectives.

3. Offer a good lead experience

We have already mentioned that mass email should be eliminated from your work routine. This is a fundamental factor for a good lead experience with your material, however, it is not the only one.

If you want to provide a good lead experience, you need to focus on providing rich, relevant content. 

Don’t just use email to talk about your service, product or solution.

Offer something new that will help the lead in some way. Examples of rich materials you can use include:

  • spreadsheets;
  • ebooks;
  • invitations to webinars;
  • checklists;
  • cases and more.

Of course, bottom-funnel leads, which have already been identified as qualified leads, may receive commercial content more often. But always be careful and balanced so that you don’t become bore.

To help you with this step of email marketing management we provide you with two contents: the first is the text “Learn how to qualify leads with amazing tips that work”, and the second is the video below.

4. Pay attention to each element of the email

As a marketing manager, it is essential that you have an analytical look at each material produced by your team. With email marketing, this is no different.

Some elements that can define the success or failure of your strategy, are:

  • use of images and text;
  • CTA quality;
  • relevance of the subject;
  • landing pages;
  • adaptation to the persona and stage of the purchase journey.

Make it a good practice to review each element before submitting a campaign.

5. Do A/B tests

Speaking of good practice, A/B testing should be on your checklist for email marketing campaigns. Do not have one? Then get to know the checklist that LAHAR created to help you follow your strategy and make managing email marketing easier.

email marketing management

6. Create an email flow with automation

Imagine sending each email, tracking rates, planning the next email, running A/B tests and creating a nutrition flow manually.

Currently, email marketing management must be performed through marketing automation.

With a large volume of data, leads, tasks and the need to manage each contact in a personalized way, considering the qualification of leads, stage of the sales funnel and personas, it is impossible to accomplish everything without creating an automation flow.

The automation flow will help you create a sequence of emails that should be sent to each lead according to their behavior in relation to your company.

7. Qualify your leads

The lead qualification allows your team to understand when a lead is advancing on the customer journey, coming closer to conversion.

Within the management of email marketing, lead qualification will help identify the right moment to try to convert the contact or send it to the sales department.

Read more at: Learn how to qualify leads with awesome tips that work

8. Track metrics

Email marketing management involves strategy. Currently, the strategy is created from the use of data and metrics, so it is part of this process to master email marketing indicators such as:

  • Opening fee;
  • Click through rate;
  • Conversion rate;
  • Subscription cancellation fee.

They will tell you if your strategy is on the right track, what are your campaign bottlenecks and where to optimize.

9. Choose the tool that will help you do all this (and more)

We briefly talked about the need for a tool that can do some of the manual, repetitive work of an email marketing strategy.

Many steps in an email marketing plan cannot even be performed without this type of platform, such as scoring leads for qualification.

lahar is a marketing automation software with features such as:

  • email marketing trigger;
  • lead segmentation;
  • creating a landing page to capture leads;
  • AB test;
  • marketing automation;
  • Lead Scoring for qualifying leads;
  • reports and more.

With a complete system, we help your company to create more effective email marketing campaigns. Create your account and try it free for 15 days.

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