Get to know the top 30 digital marketing tools that will streamline your results

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Have you considered including a digital marketing tool in your strategy? Do you have a huge amount of tasks to do to make your digital marketing strategy work?

If you are having this type of difficulty and backlog of work, you need to know the main digital marketing tools that can make your life easier.

In this publication, we selected 30 tools for digital marketing, referring to the most different objectives, including:

  • choice of keywords,
  • conversion optimization,
  • creating e-books and infographics,
  • social media management and many others.

Check out our list of the top digital marketing tools you should use in addition to marketing automation and see how your work can be much more agile, productive and you’ll be able to achieve the best results.

If you still have doubts about what marketing automation is, find out about everything in the complete guide to marketing automation, which we have prepared.

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Top 30 digital marketing tools

Marketing automation is just one of the many digital marketing activities you need to do in your business.

Among the other marketing tasks that are related to a complete strategy are:

  • producing relevant content based on the correct keywords,
  • develop rich materials such as infographics and e-books,
  • layout your pages in ways that promote conversion optimization,
  • think of attractive email marketing titles,
  • posts to social media and many other activities also occupy your daily life.

We’ve listed 30 of the top digital marketing tools that can make all these tasks much more agile and efficient for your business.

See which digital marketing tools you already use and which ones you can use in your work.

SEO and Analytics Tools

There is no way, without a proper study of what your target audience is looking for in internet search tools, you cannot do a good job of digital marketing.

Here are some of the most used SEO and analytics tools to build a good strategy.

1- Google Analytics

2- Semrush

3- Moz


In addition to the first three on the list, which are already traditional and well-known, King Host is worth trying out, a free SEO tool that includes several features and is very easy to use.

Website and blog building

5- Wix

6- WordPress

The two main digital marketing tools for building websites, Wix or WordPress, have both paid and free versions.

The big difference between them is that Wix is ​​much easier and more intuitive to use to build your website or blog.

On the other hand, WordPress is more flexible, has more features and free plugins, in addition to allowing more efficient SEO work, being the most suitable when making your blog.

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Conversion optimization

After discovering the subjects most desired by your audience and building your website or blog, you need to work so that it promotes the best possible experience and usability.

One of the most used ways to do this is through A/B testing, and Google Optimize is a perfect Google Analytics extension for this purpose.

7- Google Optimize

heat maps

These powerful website analysis tools create color visual maps that show where users’ mouses have passed or clicked the most, as well as other data such as the time spent observing an area of ​​the page as a function of the position of the scroll bar.

They are great for knowing which parts of your website or blog are accessed more or less, as well as many other insights.

The best known is the Hotjar, but there are others.

8 – Contentsquare

9- Crazy Egg

10- Hotjar

Image compression

Another important factor for your page to load faster and not be penalized by Google or abandoned by users is the weight of the images.

For that, you can use TinyPng, a digital marketing tool with a free and paid version that compresses images without loss of visual quality:

11- Tinypng

Lead capture

Some of the main digital marketing tools that have become very popular lately, and brought excellent results, are lead capture windows.

Depending on the user’s mouse movements, these tools detect if he is leaving the site and open pop-ups on the screen with messages to subscribe to a newsletter or to download materials, for example.

There are several actions that can be customized, depending on the tool chosen for lead generation. The Thrive Suite is the most complete.

12- Thrive Suite

13- Juice

14- Hello Bar

Creating rich materials and social media posts

Want to create infographics, e-books, and even videos? See the list of available digital tools, most of them with free and paid versions.

Creating infographics

Looking to create an infographic quickly and without paying the cost of a designer? These three tools can help you to develop yours very quickly, based on some ready-made templates.

15- Infogram

16- Piktochart

17- Visme

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Creating e-books

Following the same outline of ready-made templates, it is very easy to create your e-books, with the tools for digital marketing, below.

18- Beacon

19- Trakto


Videos to explain the benefits and ways of using your products and services, or even to pass on tips, tutorials and content, are a powerful medium that every digital marketing strategy should have. Check out some of the websites that will help you produce these materials very easily.

20- Rawshorts

21- PowToon

22- Moovly

23- FluxVFX

Posts on social networks

Quickly integrate images and text to create impactful posts on your social media with these four tools.

24- Designer

25- Free Review Monitoring

26- Pablo

27- Canvas

Post scheduling

Stopping the rush of your day-to-day, logging into each of your social networks and scheduling several posts can be a lot of work.

With these three tools, everything is easier and, in addition, they can provide you with reports on the performance of your publications.

28- Buffer

29- Postgrain

30- Hootsuite

Now that you know the main digital marketing tools by segment, we’ve organized the list with ALL these marketing tools:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. semrush
  3. Moz
  5. Wix
  6. WordPress
  7. Google Optimize
  8. Contentsquare
  9. crazy egg
  10. hotjar
  11. Tinypng
  12. Thrive Suite
  13. Juice
  14. Hello Bar
  16. piktochart
  17. Visme
  18. beacon
  19. Trakto
  20. Rawshorts
  21. powtoon
  22. Moovly
  23. FluxVFX
  24. Designer
  25. Free Review Monitoring
  26. pablo
  27. canvas
  28. Buffer
  29. Postgrain
  30. Hotsuite

This list of digital marketing tools will no doubt help you move forward with your lead capture, nurture, and conversion strategy. Not to mention the options to improve the relationship with the customer and the experience offered to him.

Marketing automation tools bring together some of these functionalities, offering easier management of all marketing tactics, after all, through a single system it is possible to manage multiple channels such as email, SMS, social networks, and much more.

In 2019, LAHAR was elected the best digital marketing tool by ABComm – Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce, with more than 70 thousand popular votes in general.

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