Email Marketing for Accounting: 4 Steps to Generate Results

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies that bring more returns to companies. This is no different when it comes to email marketing for accounting.

You might even be thinking “I already invested in email marketing and it didn’t work” or “so and so said it doesn’t work”. Really, some experiments don’t result in the expected results, but let’s be realistic? 

In most of these cases, the problem lies in creating an inefficient action plan for this strategy.

The way to buy has changed, so the way to make sales also needs to change.

Think about yourself. How did you shop 10 years ago? Maybe you don’t even remember!

But today, you have the internet, you can search for as long as you need, investigate competitors, evaluate the pros and cons of each company and solution.

Easier to buy, but harder to sell!

Difficult, because today the consumer is more demanding and has more experience with other companies.

And improving the user experience with your company is one of the goals of email marketing in accounting.

59% of B2B marketers say email is the most effective channel to generate revenue.

So, in a nutshell, we can identify email marketing as a strategy that will help your office to:

  • improve the relationship with database contacts,
  • generate more revenue,
  • provide a better experience for customers and leads,
  • stand out from the competition.

To do this, however, you’ll need to apply the techniques we’ll introduce you to next. It’s a step-by-step step that may seem complex at first, but it will soon prove simpler and more logical.

However, it is important to make a warning. If you are used to buying email banks, stop this practice now. In addition to being prohibited by law, it is inefficient and is the number one reason why your accounting email marketing strategies aren’t working. 

Now, let’s get down to what to do to create an effective email marketing strategy for accounting.

email marketing accounting

So to create an effective email marketing strategy for accounting you will need to follow 4 steps:

  1. Create ways to capture leads
  2. Understand your customer’s shopping journey
  3. Organize relevant email streams
  4. Use an automation tool to optimize work

We will explain each of them below!

1. Create ways to capture leads

Since you’re no longer buying an email base, you’ll need to create your own lead source. The step by step is:

  1. invest in attraction strategies such as content marketing, SEO, paid ads and social media,
  2. include links to pages with forms in your attraction messages,
  3. in the case of social networks, it is possible to generate leads via Facebook, for example,
  4. on pages with forms ( landing pages ) offer some value offer, among the most used are, ebooks, spreadsheets, and webinars,
  5. in exchange for valuable content, ask the lead to fill out the form with fields such as name, phone, and email.

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The landing page example above is not from an accounting firm, but it could well be. This is a classic format for converting pages and is a good model. Note that there are:

  • the free offer of value,
  • form.

That’s enough to convert a visitor into a lead.

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2. Understand your customer’s buying journey

To create a landing page, define the value offer, and follow through with the email marketing strategy for accounting you will need to consider all steps of the sales funnel, or even better, of the customer journey.

To get deeper into this step, I recommend that you visit our article, “The conversion funnel involves much more than sending emails: see how to do a thorough job” . He’s pretty thorough on what to do to convert top, middle, and bottom-funnel customers.

The general idea behind these concepts is that every lead that arrives in your database, or every internet user who is a potential customer, is at a stage in the sales process. While some are actively looking for an accounting office option, others still don’t even know they need one.

It’s important that you generate content for all of them.

Source: LandsAgency

3. Organize relevant email streams

Sending an email today and another in 6 months will do nothing to your goal of generating more customers, improving the relationship, and consolidating your brand as an authority.

The nutrition stream is a sequence of emails that each lead will receive.

You can create a feed stream, that is, a stream of emails, for each lead source, that is, for each channel that generated a lead. For example, let’s imagine that you have created the following landing pages:

  • step-by-step ebook with everything you need to know to start your business,
  • guide find out which tax regime is yours,
  • how to file income tax alone.

The users who signed up for each of these landing pages have different interests and profiles, so you should create an accounting email marketing automation flow that includes content targeted at each of these “groups” of leads. And not the same sequence for all these audiences.

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4. Use an automation tool to optimize work

You can see that an email marketing strategy for accounting is a little more complex than what you see people doing, right?

But believe me, the effort is worth it. A strategy that follows this step by step is on the right path to generate leads and convert them into customers, or even to retain customers who are already part of your base.

But come on, this last tip is the icing on the cake that will make everything we’ve talked about so far really work!

Through a marketing automation tool your office will easily:

  • create landing pages (without the need for a programmer or developer),
  • create and send email marketing,
  • create automated nutrition flows,
  • identify and target contacts,
  • perform A/B tests,
  • qualify leads and more.

All of this is done automatically, increasing your team’s productivity and allowing them to focus on the strategic part of marketing.

Creating an email marketing flow without an email platform is an impossible mission to actually accomplish, not to mention targeting leads and qualifying those contacts.

But calm down! Today, offices large and small can have access to automation tools to generate more returns for the company.

So now that you’ve mastered the key information on how to create an email marketing campaign for accounting, we encourage you to access our complete and FREE guide to creating an email marketing campaign :  Checklist: how to create your email campaign ZERO email marketing without forgetting any details.

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